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Contract Recruiters / Recruiting Coordinators

Since 1997 HR Advantage has supplied recruiting solutions tailored to client’s specific needs. In fact, HR Advantage has helped larger organizations in the Twin Cities build entire Talent Acquisition teams. HR Advantage allows you the flexibility of having additional recruiting staff as you need it – short term or long term. We can provide you a Contract Recruiter who can work on-site at your facility and we can provide a Contract Recruiter who can work off-site using their personal offices and resources. You, the customer, retain full control over the selection of the Contract Recruiter (s) and their responsibilities during the contract assignment. There are no minimum contract periods and you can increase or decrease staff as your needs change.

We support your recruiting effort by providing:


  • Recruiters specialized to specific industries and disciplines

  • Experienced recruiting coordinators with skills in reporting and compliance

  • Campus/MBA, Diversity recruiting specialists

  • Recruiters experienced with OFCCP and other compliance frameworks

  • Recruiter adept with systems such as Taleo, Successfactors, Beeline, IQNavigator

  • Recruiters that work at your facility or

  • An off-site recruiter that uses their personal office and resources

  • A recruiter that may have their own network of candidates

  • You maintain full control over the recruiters responsibilities

  • No minimum length of contract

  • Reasonable rates/we work to stay within your budget

We also provide permanent placement of recruiters as well as contract-to-perm placement at reduced rates for our customers. While most of our clients wish to manage the recruiting process themselves, if you have the need, we can supply a Contract Recruiter that can act as your temporary staffing manager.

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